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Types of Sacred Sites
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Perhaps you share the same inner passion to connect to mother nature--

to learn and remember the things our ancient ancestors knew about the sacred mother earth.


In the west along the Klamath River, a Hoopa Warrior learns the secret melody from the windtunes of the sacred pines of the Siskiyous.  In New Mexico, a pilgrim casts down his crutches walking out of an ancient Anasazi kiva in Chaco Canyon.  In the Grand Canyon, a millionaire stockbroker cries uncontrollably, overwhelmed by power of nature before him.


Although these experiences differ, they share a common bond.  They were all triggered by the energies or "spirit of the place" called a sacred site center.  Sacred sites have long been recognized for their abilities to-- Heal, Purify, Rejuvenate, Pro- mote Dreaming, Enhance Visions & Vision Quests, Boost Energy, Invoke Ancestor Spirits, Communicate with Star Visitors. 


In the ancient times there were sacred shaman sites that were used for spiritual, creative, practical and medicine reasons.  These sites were not chosen at random, they were selected for their raw power.  Journeying to a sacred site would involve preparation during the pilgrimage where prayer, fasting, purification and ceremonial intention were incorporated into the travels to the holy site sites. 


The power and personality of any given site is dependant on many things such as physics, imprint and holy history.  When traveling to a sacred site, each person should prepare in their own way to integrate purpose & intention with the same respect and honor that the ancestors gave.  This preparation to visit a sacred site enables one to psychologically, spiritually and physically integrate "spirit of place" with their own psyche.