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Types of Sacred Sites
Types of Sacred Sites
CA Sacred Sites
OR Sacred Sites
AZ Sacred Sites
NM Sacred Sites
WA Sacred Sites
CO Sacred Sites
ID Sacred Sites
SD Sacred Sites
UT Sacred Sites
MT Sacred Sites
WO Sacred Sites


Frontier biologist, Rupert Sheldrake research suggests there are certain energy fields that do not follow the rules of present quantum physics because these fields are made up of neither energy nor matter.  Sheldrake shows that a morphic resonance (morphogenci fields) in a human's bioenergy field is developed and organized through some type of ethereal genetic code that has been developed through the ages.  I have found that through the ages, sacred sites have attracted indigenous shaman, medicine men, adepts, elders, high priests and monks for specific ceremonies, rituals and practices that worked with that specific energy signature of the respective sacred site.


Regardless of the present scientific model in quantum mechanics, molecular biology or geophysics, indigenous shaman all over the world have known about the powerful energetic properties and vortex energies of sacred sites.  From the embedding of the human intention from ceremonial & ritual imprintation or spirit of place energy signature in the bioenergy properties of sacred sites, there are many different types of sacred sites including the following:

Dreaming Sites

Amplify Emotion Sites

Ceremonial Sites

Medicine Sites

Enhancing Creativity

Hunting Sites

Sweat Lodge Sites

Healing Sites

Fertility Sites

Creativity Sites

Purification Sites

Magnetic Sites

Boosting Energy Sites

Prayer Sites

Remote Viewing Sites

Meditation Sites

Amplification Sites

Rejuvenation Sites

Visualization Sites

Matrimonial Sites

Rain Making Sites

Animal Totem Sites

Pilgrimage Sites

Cave Sites

Vision Quest Sites

Springs Sites

Relaxation Sites

Pyramid Sites

Music Sites

Stabilizing Sites