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Types of Sacred Sites
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The ancient Toltecs believed that all energy has a unique energy signature.  From thoughts, dreams, wishes, intents, hopes and all actions of energy con- sequences, they believed an etheric energy was discharged that was a real substance they called luminous energy fibers.  They could see these luminous fibers in expanded states of conciousness. Quantum physics is close to identifying the etheric aspects associated to physical and non-physical manifestations.


If you are a like-minded spiritual adventurer who is looking to explore various aspects of sacred sites from your respective career, expertise or creative abilities, I’m interested in talking with you. 


If you are interested in sharing and networking information that has a relationship to sacred sites, nature vortexes and power spots, I would be very interested in talking to you about a Networking Forum I’m developing.  Part of the networking would share information regarding spiritual and indigenous event gatherings, festivals, metaphysical expos, spiritual conferences, science & consciousness gatherings.  


Additionally, if you are interested in being part of an RV (recreational vehicle) group that meets at sacred sites to discover, experience or share in certain knowledge, or caravan in RV groups to sacred sites, I would be interested to talk to you.


Part of this Networking Forum includes: Writers, Journalists, TV and Film Producers, Healers, Medical Practitioners, Authors, Musicians, Shaman, Artists, Photographers, Screenplay Writers, Actors, Herbaliists, Permaculture Engineers and anyone interested in the mother earth and living harmoniously in eco-systems that are in balance with Nature.





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